Siobhan O’Connor 98FM ‘Gossip Girl’ exclusively talks to Beautyboutique about her beauty ‘must-haves’ and celebrity inspiration!

6 Jun
Siobhan O'Connor 98FM Gossip Girl,

Siobhan O’Connor 98FM Gossip Girl,

Beautyboutique was delighted to catch up with Siobhan O’Connor  98FM’s Gossip Girl, REN Skincare fan &  beauty guru!

How did you get into radio and was it always an ambition?
I always wanted to get into broadcasting be it TV or radio. I went to DIT Aungier Street and studied communications. From there, I went on a trip around the world, got my worldly knowledge up and came back to Ireland. I was working as a part time mortgage consultant, and knew a man who frequented Blackrock had something to do with newspapers, the late Aengus Fanning. He turned out to be the editor of the Sunday Independent. A lovely man who I became very good friends with. He took a chance on me. I started writing for the paper and built up my profile. I ended up presenting Ireland Am for a few weeks, the 98FM gave me a call about a potential reporting role. I ended up co-presenting the 98fm Morning Crew with Dermot and Dave and subsequently landed the gig doing the entertainment as 98FM’s Gossipgirl. I love it!
What is the best part of being the 98’s Gossip Girl and which celebrity had you swooning!?
I love the job. But it’s not all as glam as it sounds. You need to work hard to get content. There’s just me and producer Trina Mara covering 6 slots a day and the Showbiz Show at the weekend, a lot of rushing around. The best part of being 98FM’s gossipgirl is meeting an eclectic bunch of stars. I adored chatting to Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts. Gerard Butler and Colin Farrell were very hot and I did find myself swooning! I mean who wouldn’t!
What is the one thing the makes you feel most ‘beautiful’?
A good facial after working out, you feel invincible.
Have you any celebrity beauty tips you would like to share!!??
Jennifer Aniston likes to smudge banana all over her face as a mask, cheap and cheerful but seems to do the trick. Demi Moore gets leech therapy and says it keeps her skin looking fab. Using fab skin care makes a serious difference. All the stars claim they have a ritual of cleanse, tone and moisturise daily and nightly to maintain their fab glow, (of course they never mention botox!) The other thing is working out has a huge part in looking younger. Jennifer Aniston was recently voted as the hottest celeb in some survey and she always works out. I went to interview her in LA and her agent told me she had gotten up the day before at 4am to jog on her hotel tread mill before her interview. Now that’s dedication but it pays off she looks fab. So my advice, a good skincare regime, loads of water and I hate to say it but plenty of exercise. But the endorphin release sure does work, you’ll feel and look fab.
What is your ‘Hero’ product and one ‘must-have’ in your handbag every-day?
I love Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and another favourite is REN Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel – its perfect for me as it can be used over make-up so i can top up during the day and just pop it in my bag!

You are a huge REN fan and have been for a number of years…what is your favourite face and body product from the range? And why do you love it so much?

I adore all of the Ren Skincare range. Once you start using good products you won’t turn back. Fine Lines people they need attention! I love Ren Ultra Moisture cleansing milk. When I first started using it. It soaked into my skin immediately, my skin was so dry. You can really feel it cleansing your face perfectly and also most importantly hydrating your face. I love all of the Ren moisturisers plus you really can’t beat Ren’s Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, outstanding, your skin looks brand new. Body wise I love having a shower early in the morning and freshening up with Ren’s Moroccan Rose Otto Bodywash. It’s won the Instyle Magazine Best Beauty Buy for showergel this year, winning ten years in row! Now that’s saying something!
Who and what inspires you?
My dog Larsson, he keeps my fit. I can’t say it enough Jennifer Aniston is 43 and in amazing nic. 40 is the new 30 so rock on Jen. She’s an inspiration to all ladies wanting to stay glowing inside and out.

98FM Now is Good

Tune in to Siobhan for your celebrity gossip weekdays from 7.45 


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