Introducing KORRES Skincare..Natural Skincare with Maximum Results

7 Nov

We are delighted to introduce you to KORRES Skincare, which started off in Athens oldest  homeopathic pharmacy over two decades ago by George Korres.  His passion for natural homeopathic remedies, embarked him on a journey that lend to the founding of the KORRES brand in 1996. Roll on 2011 and KORRES is celebrating 15 years with 15% OFF all its top 15 Bestselling products 

“In the beginning, our goal was to use natural, herbal ingredients in an effective and safe way to make products we’re proud of for the people we love. Today, our goal remains the same. By always doing what we believe is right—avoiding harsh chemicals, relying on both basic and applied science, helping organic farmers, supporting local communities, protecting natural resources—we have accomplished something unique. By doing what we love, we have created products that people love.” — George Korres, Pharmacist

KORRES is Greece’s fastest-growing natural skincare company and features both natural and or certified organic products.  It is one of the most sought-after natural skincare by consumers, celebrities, and beauty insiders alike.

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